This month we LOVE Treatments!

This month we LOVE Treatments!

Are you fed up with dealing with uncontrollable hair? With new products being released we are more excited that ever to be working with such great products that truly help!

Whatever the problem a treatment could be the solution you are looking for, prices start from as little as £10!

Joico K-Pak 4 Step Treatment £10

  • Clarifying shampoo gently cleanses the hair removing dirt and build up from the hair
  • Cuticle Sealer a PH neutralizer which smooths and tightens the cuticle to lock in curl and colour. Reduces hair swelling caused by chemical services.
  • Deep Penetrating Reconstructor an intensive protein reconstructor that rebuilds and improves the structure of the hair.
  • Instense Hydrator restores moisture to overly dry, damaged hair which then seals the cuticle gives shine and improves manageability and elasticity.

Kerastraight 30 Day Treatments £25

Moisture Mask
  • Using an especially formulated fibre palm to act as humectant to radically improve smootheness and moisture levels in the hair. This product is dried into the hair before being rinsed and styling hair as usual.
Protein Mask 
  • Using nano particles to form a protein net that rebuilds the hairs strength. Smart performance allows the ingredients to continue to work within the hair.
This product is dried into the hair before being rinsed and styling hair as usual.

Goldwell Kersailk Treatments From £20 

  • Reconstruct – Cleanses and nourishes stressed damaged hair using Keratin and Hyaloveil
  • Repower Volume – Creates strong foundations for body and fullness to give fine limp hair the lift its always needed used specially formulated keratin and elastin.
  • Repower Anti-Hair Loss – Using Procapil and Flavanone Repower Creates strong foundations for thicker, denser hair with added volume. Great for thinning, weak hair.
  • Colour – Evens structure for a healthy beautiful and shiny colour. The Tamaw oil and keratin rich products penetrate the hair from regrowth to tip!
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